MSSQL Server Problems and Plugins?

I recently trying to use Grafana for my MSSQL Server , but somehow i think MSSQL is currently not getting so much support here or?
is there any way to convert my MSSQL into a better datasource to work with grafana?
Or maybe i still dont understand how to use grafana in the correct way , Maybe someone can help me.


It is definitely supported. If you have any bugs you should report them in the GitHub issue.

Do you have a query that does not work?

Well i get syntax problems if i try to use “Graph” and i dont know what i did wrong
Some of my letters wont be displayed
i have a few issues , and thats why i thougt maybe i first need any kind of Plugin.
It looks like this … :
and the error is get .–> " Syntax error near “<” ----- but i doint even use " < " in my data

Is it the same query as in this question? Annotation Query Fails

If so then maybe you need to read about what time series are first. Grafana is built primarily for time series data and not relational data. It is possible to write time series queries with SQL but it is a little bit harder than for a specialized Time Series Database (TSDB). Your select statement should return (at least) three columns: a datetime column, a metric name column and a value column.

The docs for the data source are here:

I would start with the table panel and choose Format as Table for the query - that way you can see if your query looks correct.

Yes it was the same question ,
ok thx i will try it . :slight_smile: