How to properly set time series annotation when mssql is being used as datasource?

Hi there,
I am using mssql as datasource, for a timeseries graph panel. Everytime I load the dashboard the following error is appearing:

The query I am using (below) is already identified as time with “SQL Alias Time” I would like to know what might be causing this issue. The column Timestamp returns a DATETIME SQL Server and when I try to use a macro like $__timeEpoch(Timestamp) the query usually doesn’t return.
So I need some help regarding how can I get it right or if is this some kind of issue that might be reported as in git?
Version: Grafana v6.2.0

h.Timestamp AS time,
h.ResponseTime as value,
n.SysName as metric

ResponseTime_CS_cur as h,
NodesData as n
Timestamp >= DATEADD(day,-3, GETDATE())
ORDER BY Timestamp ASC

Thanks !

if you go to the configuration of the dashboard, and check de the tap ‘annotations’ you must have a query that does not work propely, delete it