SQL Dashboard error when saving panel


I’ve recently been learning about Grafana and using it to make try to make charts for my InfluxDB and Telegraf stack and have run in to problems with one of the pre-made dashboards - Specifically the SQL monitoring one located at this location

Some of the stats are not populating when I view the dashboard. Mainly the first row with Database Health, online, offline and there is more but my issue is with the ONLINE/OFFLINE.

No stats are pulled through to those panels, but if i alter the query then i can get data into the panels but i am unable to save the dashboard. Each time i do i get an error message

'Invalid Alert Data'

When I check the grafana logs i see an error about Alert Frequncy

Failed to extract alert.Reason: Could not parse frequency

I’ve looked at the panels and dashboards and i dont have any alerts set up with Grafana so i am becoming a bit confused as to why i am getting this error.

The original query from the dashboard:
SELECT "total" FROM "State ONLINE" WHERE "servername" =~ /$Instance$/ AND "type" = 'Database properties' AND $timeFilter

The query i have tried to add:This one is taken from Chronograf - But that is how i usually get my queries.
SELECT "Total" FROM "telegraf"."autogen"."State ONLINE" WHERE time > now() - 1h AND "servername"='WIN-***********'

I can provide more info as needed, i wasn’t sure what info would be relevant but if someone can help i’m happy to get the info needed.

PS: There were only 3 tags to choose from, none of them really seemed to fit.



your alert rule evaluation frequency is not a valid time span try “5m” (means every 5 minute), or “30s” (every 30 seconds)

Hi Torkel,

Thanks for getting back to me. I’m not quite sure what is happening. I have changed my query to

SELECT "Total" FROM "telegraf"."autogen"."State ONLINE" WHERE time > now() - 5m AND "servername"='WIN-************'

That works fine if i add that to a brand new panel. But if i change it on the dashbaord it errors. Did you mean change the query itself or the time frame options from the top of Grafana ( i tried both to no avail).

To be honest, i could just replicate the queries from the dashboard and recreate them but i’d hoped to avoid doing that and it would be good to understand how to fix it. What part of the time span is invalid? sorry if i’ve missed something.


I said the alert rule evaluation frequency, it needs to be a time span. Go to alert tab

Were you able to resolve this issue? I have the same issue. What alert did you name and create to fix the issue? My alert tab is blank. Thanks.


I have the same issue, tried time span “5m”,15m still as soon as i hit “Test Rule” i get balloon warning
“Failed to extract alert.Reason: Could not parse frequency”

I am using GRAFANA version 5.0.4 on windows.