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Hi all,

I have just started to explore on Grafana and trying to create my first dashboard using the data from my MySQL DB. For starters, I am trying to plot a graph using the Time_Stamp and the Current_1 value at that time stamp. I am getting a “db query error: Error 1064” error. I have included the screenshot of my dashboard and DB. Pls advice, thanks.

SELECT Time_Stamp, Current_1 FROM 4-ch rooftop pv.pv data GROUP BY Time_Stamp LIMIT 50


What is the name of the table?

Hi @yosiasz ,

The name of the table is pv data, thanks.

So what is all of this above?

FROM [4-ch rooftop pv].[pv data]


FROM `4-ch rooftop pv`.`pv data`

Hi @yosiasz,

I have tried to fix the error, yet I am unable to visualize the data in time series, I am getting the error shown in the image below:

Manage to resolve the issue by using the Transform feature and it works to display the data for now. Still playing around to see how else it can be customized. Thanks for the inputs @yosiasz !

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