Grafana Alert query not able to display data

Hi, I’m having this problem with the grafana alert: when creating the alert, it gives me No Data, while same query works just fine for creating the panel chart.
Our backend server is able to receive the alert query, and to send the data back to grafana. Then I’ve hit this odd issue, we found empty data field in network response, the api/v1/eval seems not receive the result data successfully. have anyone met this issue? Thanks!

  • grafana version: enterprise 8.4x
  • data source: Influxdb

same query works well when creating the panel:

I’m having exactly the same issue. Did you manage to find an answer?

@jcoelho93 When trying to set up a new alert in Grafana, did you do the following?

A. Create the query
B. Reduce to a single value (last, mean, etc.)
C. Create a math expression to test against the single value (e.g. $B > 5)

In general, any query can work if you follow the above.

for my situation, somehow Grafana Alert don’t recognize the timestamp format of our data (even things work well in the dashboard view).

I would suggest try to get the response from Grafana Dashboard, and compare the response timestamp format with your stats, if necessary alter it accordingly. We struggled a while for this problem, hope it helps.

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