Smart Display for Grafana


we are searching for an industrial grade smart touchscreen that can display Grafana dashboards.
I am talking about these 7"-15" displays that come with a webbrowser, e.g. Phoenix Contact WP 6000 or Seco FLEXY VISION.

The ones we had for testing use Qt WebEngine and its Chromium core is seemingly too old for Grafana.

Does anybody have positive experience with such a touchscreen and Grafana?


Hi @ypnos

The supported browsers required for Grafana to work correctly are listed on this page.


Note: Enable JavaScript in your browser. Running Grafana without JavaScript enabled in the browser is not supported.

My recommendation is not to use a device such as this with its integrated
firmware, but instead to get a standard touchscreen and connect it to, for
example, a Raspberry Pi.

Integrated systems always become out of date with no way to upgrade the
firmware once the manufacturer doesn’t care about that model any more.

Plugging in a cheap computer such as a Raspberry means you can keep up to date
with software releases, and stay in control of the complete device.


Thank you for your replys.

It turns out that Phoenix Contact can drive Grafana with a beta firmware, except this issue: Grafana dashboard toolbar elements vibrate between responsive display modes · Issue #7516 · qutebrowser/qutebrowser · GitHub

I agree that a dumb display connected to a Raspberry Pi with a simple Weston setup might be less hassle overall.