Grafana on wearable devices (smart glasses)

Hi everyone, I am looking for the possibility to export a simple Grafana Dashboard into a wearable device. In particular, I am using Grafana to monitor an IoT application, and I would like to visualize data, and if it is possible also graphs, from smart glasses. The Smart glasses I would like to employ are the Vuzix, but any advice is welcome.

I’m not quite sure how this is a Grafana question.

Maybe it would be helpful if you could tell those of us who’ve never used such
devices: “how do you display anything on these glasses?”

Do they appear to the host computer as a fairly normal graphics display, are
they some weird USB device - what sort of driver do you need in order to show
something on them?

To put the question in more tangible terms, “can you look at a web browser on


Thank you for your reply.
These glasses are Android-based, so there is the possibility to use a web browser.
From a theoretical point of view, I guess that it is possible, but I would like to understand if someone already tried this kind of devices for this purpose.