Singlestat Enhancement Request - line breaks/multi line text

I couldn’t find anywhere else to make enhancement requests so I’m posting here.

It would be very handy if the Singlestat panel could allow either \n or <br> in the text… or some way to insert css to affect only that individual panel, which would allow styling.

At the moment the titlebar appears in small text. If you have a kiosk type setup on a big screen in a departmental area displaying, say, days since last accident, all you can display is the title in small text and the some text + value+some text.
If you put ‘Time since last accident’ and ‘Days’ it gets displayed as a block of text, wrapping in the panel. Ideally what you want is something like this in the middle of a box:

Time since last accident
45 Days

Adding support for some sort of a line break character would be the simplest solution here, allowing for three line texts, but displacing the panel title may also be feasible via panel-specific css.
Allowing CSS would also allow background images to be inserted, which I have seen quite a few requests for out there.

What do you think?


I would suggest you to create a feature request issue. Please search all the issues if there already exist similar feature request.

If you want to implement this yourself you can modify the Grafana code. In combination with the feature request issue you’ve created you could create a pull request with your code changes. If lots of people upvotes the issue with a thumbs up emoji we’ll consider implementing/merging it.


ok, thanks, done. I took a look at the code and its going to take a while to get up to speed enough on Go to be able to make coherent changes.

You should only need to do changes to the frontend which is javascript/angular at the moment. You may want to build the backend, but that should be described in the Grafana in the root of the github repository.

If you have any questions you can just post them here.


Is there any progress with this topic?
I use Table Panel which can be formated as HTML. As source I use query taking directly from zabbix history_text table adding
tag before every line.