Singlestat panel issue

Hi There,

I am working on 5.1.0 version downloaded from source. I made changes in few plugins and inside panel. After changing in single stat panel it’s reflecting when i open it in browser. But when i tried to use same build which is generated from source to grafana binaries every changes is reflecting apart from single stat panel. Even i made changes in graph panel and i can see the changes too.

Can you please help me so that changes will reflect in singlestat panel too by using build of grafana from source to binaries.

Waiting for your reply.


I’m sure there is an answer to your question as asked - the built-in plugins are hidden somewhere in the main server codebase, so I can understand why I is hard to track down where it all lies. I too tried to do something like you when I first came across Grafana - in my case, I was writing a singlestat enhancement (look for annunciator in the external plugins repo - maybe this will do what you want).

You real mistake though was to start modifying the source. Once you did that, you cut yourself off from newer official versions, and the enhancements and fixes they contain.

My recommendation is to stay on the official server download and ‘make-do’ with the server and plugins as-is. The system is incredibly flexible already, And in the unlikely event that there is no plugin that works exactly as you need - write your own, based if you want on a plugin someone else has already published. Do the community a favor though - when you’re done - republish it so that others can get the benefit of your work.

Good luck

Michael Moore
Creator of Annunciator and MultiStat panel plugins for Grafana