Single's query value name differs between Grafana versions (`Value #A` and `Value`)

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I am working on a set of dashboards. I created them in Grafana v8.3.3. Then I tried to export them into Grafana v9.0.0 and v8.5.3.
However, I encountered a problem. I have a panel with one query set as a Table type. When I want to use this query value in some configuration option of a panel (in my case, Treemap panel), it is called Value #A in the older version, but in the newer versions, it is called Value. Because of this difference, I cannot import the dashboard.
I reproduced the same behavior with the Filter by name transformation.
I create one query in a table format. Then I select Value #A in the Filter by name transformation.
Then after importing it to the newer version, it is not working because it is called Value now and not Value #A.

My hack to work around it and make it work with both versions is to create an additional dummy query with a constant 1 value.
When there is more than one query, the name becomes Value #A on the newer version, and it works.
Another solution is to have two dashboard versions that work with different Grafana versions.

From what I looked at the Grafana code, this change was introduced with that pull request in that line Prometheus: Run Explore range queries trough backend by ivanahuckova ยท Pull Request #39133 ยท grafana/grafana ยท GitHub.

Do you have any other (less hacky :P) solution to that?
And I was wondering if that change was introduced on purpose? Is it the new behavior of the names of the values?
Or maybe dashboards are not meant to be 100% compatible between versions?


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