Sign In Screen - No Input Boxes For Username & Password

When I click on sign in option, the screen that appears has no input boxes for name and password (see below). This was previously working and I am not sure what could have changed to cause this. Any tips to debug would be appreciated.


Have you recently done any changes? Do you have access to the config? If so, can you see if disable_login_form is false (or not set at all)?

Here is the link to relevant docs:

Thanks for the quick response. I do have access to the config. I made changes some time ago in an experiment with autologin which did not have any effect, at least I thought. I might have broken something although it is strange I am only seeing the effect now.

I will check that parameter. I guess, worse case, I could try to find the default config and do a compare.

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The config file was okay but setting was also in the default.ini file. I changed it back, restarted the grafana-server service and all is good again. Thanks for your help.

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