Configuration button is missing

Hi community,

I am completely new to Grafana. I started training last week and installed Grafana V9.2.2 on an Ubuntu 22.04.01 LXC container (Proxmox). Everything worked without any problems. I was able to connect to an InfluxDB running on the same host and also created two dashboards as a test. Now a week later I wanted to log in and move on. However, I no longer see the menu entry for the configuration and can no longer create new dashboards. I can still see the dashboards that have already been created.
So far I only have the admin user. I have already reset the password via the CLI without success.

It seems like the admin user is just a normal viewer. Can someone help me with this? Anyone have an idea?

Sign in in your menu indicates, that you are not logged in. Of course unauthenticated user can’t configure Grafana, so missing Configuration menu item makes sense.

Lol I didn’t notice that myself.
It occurred to me (sorry it was late last time) that I changed some settings in grafana.ini to embed dashboards.
I followed this thread and changed all settings including cookie_samesite = none.

That was the problem. Thanks for helping out.