Grafana Sign In issue - Version 7.3.1

I have installed Grafana Ver 7.3.1.

Grafana Ver 7.3.1

And its working as expected. I was able to work with it perfectly !

But suddenly, I can see sign in button in the left side on the screen still visible, after successful login with admin credential.
Although, I can see my dashboards, still i can’t see settings and other options.
Attached is an image for reference.

Can any one please help me on this !

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Is it reproductible each time (every login), or it happens from time to time. Which browser are you using.

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please install latesr verstion

Hi Wlargou,

Yes when i login successfully, using admin credentials, i can see the sign-in button still showing, I have tried using google chrome, Firefox. Yes, its showing in every login.

Could you please help me to resolve this issue.

Thank you.
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I’ve looked for issues similar to yours but didn’t find any. Did you change anything from the grafana default html, js … ?

Can you inspect JavaScript console on google chrome just after you login to see if there is any frontend problem

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Would also recommend going to later version as @melrose suggested.

Thank you Wlargou,
I am checking the same now. Will keep you updated soon.

I upgraded Grafana to Ver 7.3.1 in my local system from older version (Windows 10) to test if the same version is working or not !
And its working fine in my local system (Windows OS) using admin credential, able to see all options , and sign-out option.

But I can see this issue, in Linux server (NAME=“Red Hat Enterprise Linux” VERSION=“8.2 (Ootpa)” ) with same grafana version.

Could you please suggest.

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I have Ver 7.3.1 in my local system (Windows 10) , and its working fine using admin credential, able to see all options , and sign-out option.

But I am facing this issue, in Linux server with same version.
Do i need to upgrade to latest version ?

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I have checked in front end, i don’t find any errors from Javascript side.

One more question, did you try with different users ? Also tail the logs of grafana and reconnect just to see if anything is showing there

Hello all,

In grafana.ini file, org_role was changed to “Viewer” permission.

Thats could be a reason why, using Admin login, I was able to view dashboards only. And Other options/permission were not visible.

Setting with org_role = Admin, in grafana.ini file, resolved the issue.

# specify role for unauthenticated users
 **org_role = Admin**

But now I am not able to reset my password while login. (If I needed) .
Also, sign-out option I can’t see !
Still I can see Sign-In option, left side below in the screen.
Please see my screenshot, I have highlighted.

This is very important for me, can some-one please help me to resolve these issues.

Thank you !

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this is now a new problem, could you make a new topic because people that know the answer would not come because of the topic that is telling something different

Thank you.
Yes, I have created a new topic now.