Admin getting logged out frequently

im running v7.2.0 (and has occured on prior versions).

The issue im having is since i enabled permissions (vs wide open access) about 2 months ago, im (admin) now getting frequently logged out after short (ie 15-30min) periods of inactivity from grafana.

This can be pretty troublesome if i have a dashboard open, then make a change/update to a panel, only the find out ive been logged out , when i go to press save dashboard.

Prior to 2 months ago, i never had this issue at all, however at that point is also when i created a 2nd “guest read-only” account, and also changed the dashboard permissions from “everyone”/wideopen access to the guest account can ONLY read-only access one, single, dashboard.

(i had access wide open, meaning no user restrictions, and no login passwords needed, as this was just a internal grafana install that only i myself used, and i secured it at the network level. then 2 months ago, i needed to give one single VPN-only user access to one dashboard).

i do see this in the logs, very frequently and assume its related:

grafana-server[113179]: t=2020-10-14T12:06:27-0500 lvl=eror msg="Failed to look up user based on cookie" logger=context error="user token not found"

here are some relevant settings from my grafana.ini (note i do embed some of my panels on a internal PRTG server/map, that is why i have to run:
and cookie_samesite = disabled

# Auto-login remember days
;login_remember_days = 7
;cookie_username = grafana_user
;cookie_remember_name = grafana_remember

allow_sign_up = false

allow_org_create = false
;auto_assign_org = true
;auto_assign_org_role = Viewer

# enable anonymous access
enabled = true

cookie_samesite = disabled
allow_embedding = true

# specify organization name that should be used for unauthenticated users
org_name = Main Org.

#commented out
##org_role = Editor
##org_role = Viewer

login_maximum_inactive_lifetime_duration = 30d

login_maximum_lifetime_duration = 90d

token_rotation_interval_minutes = 10

api_key_max_seconds_to_live = -1


I had a logout problem when I updated to 7.2.0, I don’t know why this release had this affect, but I set token_rotation_interval_minutes and login_maximum_inactive_lifetime_days to high values and not had a problem since.

Thanks for the reply, i have made these changes (and i had to add login_maximum_inactive_lifetime_days , it was not in my grafana.ini).

so now the related settings look like this

login_maximum_inactive_lifetime_duration = 6M
login_maximum_inactive_lifetime_days = 90d
login_maximum_lifetime_duration = 90d
token_rotation_interval_minutes = 120

i then restarted grafana, and will update this thread with results.

oh wow! grafana web was STILL logged in this morning when i came in. (that has not been the case in a few months!)

so, so far so good! will keep this updated, and mark as solution in a few days if all looks good.
thanks again for the reply!

EDIT: AWESOME!! ~48h now and still logged in! will mark as answer, and update if the issues comes back. but i think this fixed it! thanks for the reply/answer. (LOVE grafana!)