After Upgrade from Grafana 5 to 6, dashboard keeps logging out


Hi, we upgraded to Grafana 6, now our TV dashboard logs out itself every few hours.

Did something change in Grafana 6 that’s shortened the session time?

I added GF_SESSION_LIFE_TIME: 604800 to our env vars (since we are using Docker), but made no difference.

Any advice appreciated.



No advice other than same things happens to me now in v6.
Guess it has something to do with


Might be related indeed. I can say, in the mean time we have downgraded to v5, since we are running in kiosk mode on a chrome bit, and it’s a pain to login.


Same issue here!! Now we have public dashboards at login screens several times a day. Please help!

Thank you!


Joining the bandwagon. Kiosk mode is supposed to be login-once-and-forever, there is no documentation on how to set up proper kiosk mode. We’re still on 5.4.3 since I was afraid the above issue will arise.

Can somebody try to “share” the dashboard via URL and use that URL in kiosk mode?

EDIT. I tried this in Grafana 5.4.3 via “share snapshot” - it only displays currently displayed time range and no alerts from datasources like Zabbix. Sharing by link requires users to log in.


Are you using a local grafana account for the kiosk user or LDAP integration? I haven’t had any logouts with local accounts with v6.


We are using local accounts and I created a new account today just for the kiosks to see if a “fresh 6.x made account” made a difference. No such luck. Still logging itself out.


After some testing, this appears to be specific to dashboards as I left one of our machines on the “choose dashboard” screen and it did not log out after 24+ hours. If I choose a dashboard - any dashboard - it logs out after a period of time (I am trying to capture the exact time cycle). It does the same when a playlist is running.


one addition step - if you can leave it logged in on a dashboard, and keep chrome devtools open to the console window with “preserve log” enabled, we might be able see what is triggering the logout.

a simple dashboard (a graph with no metrics) can be tried too, in case it is a datasource that is triggering the logout.