Grafana dashboard timing out on iPad frequently

Hi there,

I have a dashboard pulled up on an iPad in kiosk mode but I keep running into issues with the session timing out forcing me to fiddle with the iPad and login again which is a bit of a pain. This seems to happen at minimum once a day to several times a day.

I haven’t been able to find any log messages (as in, nothing is shown during the session timeout). I’m not super sure what else to look for log wise.

I am using version 7.4.3 and I am running the latest update on the iPad.

I have tried tinkering with the configuration increasing the session time to no avail.

Has anybody had any similar problems / have any tips to resolve this issue? Thanks!

Hi @jpettit,

Did you try adjusting both login_maximum_inactive_lifetime_duration and login_maximum_lifetime_duration in the grafana.ini config settings:

Will adjusting those solve your issue?

I had one but not the other - just added the other and I’ll see how it goes now. Thank you!

awesome–looking forward to your report! :+1: