Grafana Frontend Session Timeout

I´m using grafana to monitor some stuff in my house. I have the issue that i get logged out randomly from the front end. The config for session timeouts have not been modified. What i´m wondering is that it happens that i get logged out 3 times an hour and another day only once on the whole day.
According to the documentation Configuration | Grafana Labs the sessions time outs should not happen that randomly.

Is there a way to stop the logout completely let´s say for one week?

Version: Grafana CLI version 7.4.2

Thanks in advance.

Hi @joselitoo,

When you say you are getting logged out, you mean that you have to re-enter your credentials to access the Grafana UI?

@mattabrams yes correct.
As I´m using this for monitoring it´s not really productive to enter the credentials every time

Ok, I gotcha.

Check out the login_maximum_inactive_lifetime_duration and login_maximum_lifetime_duration in the grafana.ini config settings:

Will adjusting those solve your issue?

Thanks! I have tested now for quite some time and it seems fine.
My values are:

login_maximum_inactive_lifetime_duration = 2M
login_maximum_lifetime_duration = 2M
token_rotation_interval_minutes = 1000

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