Reset Password and sign-out option not working - Version 7.3.1

Hello all,

In grafana.ini file, org_role was changed to “ Viewer ” permission.

Thats could be a reason why, using Admin login, I was able to view dashboards only. And Other options/permission were not visible.

Setting with org_role = Admin , in grafana.ini file, resolved the issue.

# specify role for unauthenticated users
 **org_role = Admin**

But now I am not able to reset my password while login. (If I needed) .
Also, sign-out option I can’t see !

Still I can see Sign-In option, left side below in the screen !!
Please see my screenshot, I have highlighted.

This is very important for me, can some-one please help me to resolve these issues.

Thank you !

Best Regards,


First if this is a new installation, move to the latest release. If not, it may be you changed something that broke the frontend.

Good Luck

possible duplicate of Grafana Sign In issue - Version 7.3.1 - #13 by melrose