Show and filter y axis by day

hi, i have simple table in postgresql tables is name_variable, date_time and value…

i need show bart chart group by day of month and other bar chart group by moth of year. y used query of sql but it not label i y axis the day … how i can resolve this ? thanks…

MONTH(HPD_HELP_DESK.Submit Date) AS mnumber, <= used to order by month
COUNT(HPD_HELP_DESK.Incident Number) AS Number of Submitted Tickets 2024,
datename(‘m’,HPD_HELP_DESK.Submit Date) as monthname, <= get month name
SUBSTR(datename(‘m’,HPD_HELP_DESK.Submit Date), 0, 2) As mthname <= get 3 letter monthname

New to this platform - but here was my first attempt to make month on month comparison. Assume same logic would work for day.


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