Y-Axis no show date value

Hello community,

i have a Problem to show at a Horizontal Barchart visualization a date value on y Axis.
The Data Source is a SQL Database on Host Europe. If i Filter in PhpMyAdmin in the SQL Source database with the SQL Query shown below, i get exactly what i need, date + data, something like this:

Date(Datum)   Cons. per Day
2022-11-19           0.3245   

If i use the query for the same data in Grafana i get
Table view:

Date(Datum)                    Cons. per Day
2022-11-19 01:00:00             0.3245

Bar Graph view show just the 01:00 on y Axis and also the right data for the Bar (0.3245)

Version: Grafana v9.2.5 on Ubuntu 18.04
SQL Query: select Date(Datum), sum(Ticks / 1000) ‘Consumption per day’ from Gassensor group by day(Datum) ORDER BY Datum ASC
type Datum: datetime

How can i get for my Barchart the date information on y axis?
Please just ping me if i missed to add a Information. Hope to get help soon. Nice WE community


Y axis is for your measure-able numeric value and X for your datetime

Did you mean to say date on x axis?

Hello yosiasz,

i used the option to configure the horizontal orientation for the Barchart, therefore x-Axis is category Axis. If i switch Axis orientation to vertical, i also just see the time instate a date on x-Axis