Share panel between dashboards


Is there a way that I can have two dashboards display the same panel? The idea being that if ever I update the query in the panel, both dashboards will display the new version of the panel.


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No direct answer, but there are workaround. Perhaps it’s not satisfy your need.

  1. Set the grafana.ini like below:
allow_embedding = true

# If set to true Grafana will allow script tags in text panels. Not recommended as it enable XSS vulnerabilities.
disable_sanitize_html = true
  1. Select your panel and then open the context menu for share - Embed

Copy the script on that page

  1. Create new Dashboard
  2. Select visualisation Text
  3. Copy the scriptlet into the HTML box.
  4. Adjust the height and width to satisfy your needs.

    Also modify the time range and refresh rate.
  5. Repeat for other panels.