Setup guide for scripted dashboards

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This question has been asked before but… how do you make a scripted dashboard appear in Grafana??
Someone raised a ticket in 2015 and the answer was

torkelo commented on Nov 16, 2015
The only way to load scripted dashboards is via the url, /dashboard/script/some_dash.js

… which I don’t understand - how do I set up my UI to load that?

I “scripted.js” example mentioned in the docs is not available anywhere to load in the UI? Does the js file need to be moved somewhere under the installation directory for Grafana to pick it up?


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we recently planned to get our hands dirty with scripted dashboards in order to streamline the process of dynamic and programmable dashboard creation. Now reading about that this is a legacy feature, we humbly ask whether this feature even will go away sooner or later or whether it will still be supported for a while?

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