Scripted Dashboard API access


I’m trying to get scripted dashboard working with

Everything is working like a charm using classic dashboard, with uid XXXX and api access : but when it comes to scripted dashboards (instant-generated non-persitant dashboards), things turn out to be more complicated, as I get :
error fetching dashboard 4000: error obtaining dashboard from Got Status 404 Not Found, message: {“message”:“Dashboard not found”}

I tried for set uid in my scripted dashboard script (dashboard.uid is correctly set after this) but it did’nt worked.

UID forced setup :
dashboard = {
_ rows : [],_
_ uid : XXXX_

Does anyone already tried this or managed to access scripted dashboards with static uid ?
Question will be also ask on a GitHub issue for IzakMarais/reporter project.


scripted dashboards cannot be fetched by id, but by the script file name. Scripted dashboards is a legacy feature that is poorly documented and supported. We do not recommend it’s use, please generate dashboards using and import using api instead

Thanks for your feedback.
Do these grafonnet dashboards allow to use args to be dynamically created, like scripted dashboards do ?
Main goal here is to re-create rrd/PNP4Nagios features for influxdb/Grafana.