Scripted dashboards API documentation

Hi there!

I need to create a scripted dashboard since there are dynamic aspects of it that can’t be solved with other features like variables. However, I couldn’t find the API docs of entities available to be scripted by Grafana. Are the examples everything that’s available as of now?

EDIT: Right now, I’m using a PostgreSQL db as a data-source and I need the targets for a specific panel, which are basically the queries for the time series, to be based on some data that also need to be retrieved from the same datasource. I think variables that query this data could work. I could then loop over the values of this variable. Is there a way to acccess the variable values programmatically from scripted dashboard?

Thanks in advance!

Not sure i understand what you are trying to achieve. You want to create a dashboard programmatically? Or you wanna use the result of a query as input in another query?