Scripted dashboard to load JSON panels dynamically

I would like to create scripted dashboard using Javascript that will load all JSON panels from given directory. Is this possible? I tried to look for examples but did not find any.

Have you looked at grafana-dash-gen?

I have not looked at Grafana Dash Gen earlier. I looked at Grafana Dash Gen’s readme file and now I have more questions. :slight_smile:

How should I install it as the instructions tells me to install it using npm? Should I open Grafana installation directory e.g. to Visual Studio Code and then run that npm command, or how does that work?
How can I create new panels that I have saved as individual JSON files? Is that somehow possible?

I would like to save panels e.g. as JSON files and then create scripted dashboards that would use these panels.

Is there any other way to store panels as individual files so that scripted dashboard could load them?