Way to generate dashboard.json from a scenes

Hi, I’m wondering if there is a way to generate dashboard.json from the scenes page?

I wanted to create app, where I’d dynamically generate dashboard (up to this point, Grafana scenes seems to be the perfect fit), but then I’d like to provide user a possibility to “save” the generated dashbaord as a regular dashboard.

Is this somehow possible with the scenes or maybe I’m missing out some other possibility how to use the scenes?

Thanks in advance!

@fusakla You can use Dashboard API to create a dashboard

@mikhailvolkov thanks for reply, yes that API I wanted to use but for that I need the dashboard json, which I’m curious if it’s possible to generate from the scene

@fusakla Scenes is a code only for now. You can’t generate dashboard.json based on it, as far as I know. The Grafana team may have some ideas.

As a side note, I am working on a new project and decided not to use Scenes creating multiple panels instead, which can be incorporated into any dashboard and end users have more options to adjust them.