Setup for different Web server and DB server


I am completely new to Grafana. We have our website running based on three different servers. First one is for Web server(Running on Apache), second one is for DB server(Percona Cluster) and third one is for other applications like Elastic Search, Redis, PIM, etc.

We would like to install and configure Grafana on the third server. Since I am new one to Grafana and not sure how to proceed with this setup.

Could anyone please guide me to setup Grafana on third server for monitoring all these three servers?


There are install guides on the docs site for how to install and configure grafana on any platform. If you have a more specific question let me know

Above many DB, you stated that you are using Percona, is this the one that is interlink with modx too? I’ll be using modx hosting in near-future, so finding such threads to pull up such complex queries before any hurdles comes up.