Installing Grafana on Windows 10 server

Hello Experts,

I want to introduce Grafana to my company. Can you please let me know the following:

  1. Can I install Grafana on Windows 10 server?
  2. If yes, how to map the domain name (URL) , so that users can access anywhere from our network.
  3. Can I embed Grafana dashboard into external app?

Please let me know.


  1. Always check the requirements in the documentation
    Install Grafana | Grafana documentation

  2. That is more of a networking issue you will need to discuss with your network admin. But I think it should work with ip.address.of.server:3000

  3. What kind of external app?

For 1 & 2, Do I need Windows 10 server or Windows 10 pc enough?, because I need to use domain name instead of localhost.
For 3, External app will be built on NextJS/ReactJS/NodeJS (MERN stack)

Read the doc. Why would you serve grafana (anything) from a pc? The other details are not specific to grafana but more networking/fdqn/dhcp/dns stuff.

If I were you I would install it either one or even on both and play around with it.

I believe you can embed grafana in an iFrame.

Where would I install Grafana executables if not on a pc, can you help for best solution. Basically, I want to introduce Grafana to my company , i thought let me install it on Windows 10 server and share the url for them to play with it.

Depends on your definition of a pc. but for POC/Demo purposes it does not matter.

Install it on whatever then capture the ip.address.of.pc of the device it is install on then go to another pc in the same network and try out ip.address.of.pc:3000 (the default port of grafana)

Thank you. I have developed 10 dashboards on my hosted grafana cloud.
For security reasons, cannot use Grafana Cloud in my company. that is why I want to install it on my company network
So, should I install it on Windows Server or Windows 10 pc is enough.
Because I might push to production also.

it is up to you. does your company install other services such as exchange, sql server, gitlab or whatever on window 10 pcs?

yes. we might use other applications also. I will go ahead and install it on Windows 10 server.

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