Grafana windows installation

Hi Experts ,

Iam trying to install Grafana (grafana-server.exe)on my windows10 kvm machine.
I have changed the http port 8080 in the custom.ini file
But the window shows like http.server 0:0:0:8080 …like this…for so long…
Can you please help how can i install grafana on my kvm machine are there any pre requisite like IIS server must be present?Thanks

That sounds right - is it not working? What happens when you navigate to http://localhost:8080 in your browser?

The last line in the logs after Grafana successfully starts is something like:

t=2018-02-19T12:05:52+0000 lvl=info msg="Initializing HTTP Server" logger=http.server address= protocol=http subUrl= socket=

It does not require IIS - it is a go (golang) binary and the webserver is included in the binary.

Thanks a lot for your reply.From your reply it looks like its installed successfully.
No iam not able to navigate in my browser,Do i need to change any settings in the browser.

Do you just get a 404 - Not found or a different error?

Can you explain the kvm part? Is Grafana installed in a linux vm on Windows then? Is this a port mapping problem from your vm to windows (or some networking problem)?

No, it should just work.

Thanks , Iam able to reach grafana login now http://localhost:8080 its working.
Also I need to install the latest plug in , but I downloaded the plug in which we need to install,But the plug in looks like dashboard , media files like that , Can you guide how to install plugin.
There ia no exe files.

It is well documented in multiple places about how to install plugins manually.

Just copy the files into your plugins directory and restart your Grafana instance.

Thanks a lot for your help /advise .all working fine.

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