How to install on windows?

I followed the guide. Extracted, change port to 8080 in custom.ini(everything else is the same as sample.ini), downloaded TDM-GCC, run MinGW command prompt and tried running grafana-cli(which just auto closes) and grafana-server which doesn’t really do much. I am new to this, any help?

I tried going to localhost:8080 on my browser and didn’t do anything

In the directory where you extracted grafana start it by executing bin/grafana-server.exe

hey, so even though I changed the port to 8080 in custom.ini it doesn’t work on 8080 but works on 3000. I am not sure how to change it. Is there any downsides to keeping it on 3000?

Make sure you remove the comment (; symbol at the start of the config line in the ini file)