Connecting multiple servers onto grafana

So I wanna add multiple servers to my grafana server. Is it possible to do this using command line on Ubuntu for a fast and easy installation, just like the grafana cloud. Also would I need anything else except from grafana on my main server to set this up? And how would I go about doing this?
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Add other grafana servers?

No I don’t have other grafana servers, I wanna add monitoring to other linux servers through my grafana server. So I would like to monitor all the performances of my linux server on one singular grafana server which I have already set up. But I don’t know how to actually monitor the other linux servers that I currently have and how would I go about attaching them to my grafana server?

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that is doable but it will require you to put some stuff together.

  1. a time series database to collect these metrics in (you cant save it in grafana)
    influxdb is a great one
  2. a process that pushes perf metrics from your servers to your TSD
    telegraf is a nice service provided by influx and has a lot of templates to use
  3. Then you point your grafana to your influxdb server to visualize these metrics.

I would highly recommend the following if you want to go that route. (there are other options)