Monitoring more remote machines separately


Our Lab setup:
1 Server (server1)- For grafana purpose + should be monitored the grafana server itself
1 windows server (server2) - for testing purpose
10+ windows and linux servers - need to configure

I have installed and configure grafana+Influxdb+telegraf on centos machine and only telegraf on remote windows servers for monitoring purpose and then I imported some dashboards for monitoring the grafanf linux server itself (Called server1) as well as windows remote machine(called server2), which are imported successfully and it’s showing the graph of both the servers without any issue

Now we have 10+ machines (windows+linux servers) in our hand - My questions is that how can I monitor those servers by importing the dashboard?

I tried to install and configure telegraf on a remote linux machine (Ex: server3, server4) and imported the same dashboard (that was used on Server1 and server2), but it shows the same graph of those servers (Server1 and server2) and didn’t show the graph of remote machines (Ex: server3, server4 and so on)

How do grafana server fetch the 10+ machines If I installed telegraf on those pending servers? Can you please send the exact configuration that I would need implement on server?

It would be great if anyone help on this matter.

of note: it successfully fetched one remote machine (server2) and 1 linux machine (server2 - Grafana server itself), but couldn’t configure on other remote machines.