Grafana on a shared hosting using Linux Perl?

It might be a noob question, not familiarized with server configurations but I cannot answer this for myself yet.

I already have a shared hosting server from bluehost. (it’s a basic shared hosting, not a dedicated hosting)
In that server I have a mySQL database with some data I want to plot using Grafana.
Looking at the cPanel Server Information I see the server OS is a Linux Perl 5.10.

Is it possible to install grafana via SSH in this hosting server ??

By the way, I already have a wordpress site in such domain. And I would like to install grafana in an addon site, subdomain.

Do you think there’s a way to do this,
or is it mandatory to go for a dedicated hosting ?

If not possible:
Do you know how to make this as cheap as possible ? In other words: which would be the cheapest hosting service to install grafana on a server?
I need to plot 200 samples that are updated in realtime in the mySQL database.
I need my project to be on the website but it’s for personal use.

Thanks in advance for any help,


Hi all, I am exactly in the same situation. Thanks for your help