Grafana on Hosting Server


I am a Grafana user since a long time. I have a local setup of Grafana and have configured it with Influxdb and MySQL successfully. Now I jst need to know how can I upload/ host it on shared server, Is there a way I can do this. If yes can you please help. If No what are the alternatives.


I think this question same as you want to migrate grafana to other server.

You just need install grafana (recommend same version) and copy database, file config to it.
(grafana.db and grafana.ini/default.ini)

Thanks for the help, I will try this option and revert back.

I tried uploading the files, default.ini and custom.ini both files I uploaded along with the database config. But isnt working, do I need to make any changes to the config file and on what url it will open like will it be accessible on

Appreciate if you can support.


You’ll need a proxy if you want to use https and domain name,

Thanks, I referred the link. Just a question do I need to follow reverse proxy for both https and “http” also?

Only if you’ll use http with domain name. The alternative would be http://<server hostname>:3000/


I did tried following the steps to upload the files and changing the port. but it doesn’t seems helping.

Please refer the screenshot of the directories I uploaded. Please guide me it anything wrong. The directory is from my Ubuntu where grafana is working fine.

You need to restart grafana after making changes to .ini files.

Yes, on windows right. But on Linux need not have to explicitly start the services. as this is my shared hosting location.

You always need to restart grafana instance when making changes to configuration files for updated configuration settings to be used. This is true for all platforms.

I meant you installed grafana on Linux.
And now you want to install on Window?

I have installed in both the OS, It works well with Linux but not with Windows. My query here is I have a shared hosting server space and I am trying to upload the grafan on that. As per last conversation I uploaded the grafan.ini and grafsna.db file from my Ubuntu Setup and I have changed the setting to run on port 443 instead of 3000. Please if you can guide me with the steps to upload and run it on my shared setup. Also I tried working with the grafana cloud hosting. But I am unable to create the data source I guess it is because of the IP whitelisting issue. Appreciate you’re suggestion on the same. Thanks

Please read windows installaction guide carefully, e.g. configure port 8080 due to Windows require extra permissions for using port 3000

For using https (port 443) you’ll need to put a proxy server in front of your Grafana instance as discussed above.

restart your services
check the permissions or the ownerships of the files uploaded

Do also check my article on grafana on medium

But are these files enough to start, I mean I copied these two files from my local Ubuntu setup as per your earlier instruction on uploading these two files. Other then grafana.ini and grafana.db file any other files/ folders required to upload?

Should be enough. What output do you get when running grafana-server.exe?