Grafana cloud, allow_embedding and mysql connection

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I have just been doing some testing of Grafana for the dashboard need of our company and it looks quite promising. I just had a couple of questions that were a bit unclear that I was hoping somebody would be able to help me with.

In our company we have a local mysql instance which hosts all the data. We want to serve this data on dashboards internally and externally. For the internal dashboards I can just use our local grafana instance, but for the external sharing I am thinking about using the Grafana cloud.

To be able to get any dashboard to work in the cloud I will need to make sure the cloud instance has the ability to see my local mysql server. I don’t really want to make my server directly visible to the network since would cause a lot of security issues. Does anybody have any guidance on other options?

Also I will need to make sure I can embed my Grafana dashboards in other web pages. The documantation is very clear on how to allow embedding in the local version, but I have not been able to find anything on how to do this in the cloud version. Does anybody know how to allow embedding in the cloud version?

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kindly let me know if you got any updates on your issue? as its similar to our case here. Thank you