How do I link my MySQL database on a LAN to Grafana Cloud Account

This is my very first attempt (Green Noob) to use GRAFANA and I just need some pointers to figure out IF this is the correct tool to use or if am I wasting time.

  • What Grafana version I would like to use - Cloud Version

  • What are you trying to achieve? I would like to use the cloud version of Grafana to build dashboard(s) that I can see, using any device with internet access

  • How are you trying to achieve it? I have not started at all. My question is based on the helicopter view if it can be done and IF, what are the building steps?

Before starting I just want to get a high-level view:
Should I create a DB on the Grafana cloud environment?
Shall I then add records to the database by configuring MQTT to load the data as and when it is being published?

OR do I create an MYSQL database on a local RPi and configure Grafana to read the database on my LAN (Sounds like a security risk)

Thanking in advance