Pushing data to Grafana Cloud

I have an influx DB on a Pi which is collecting data from various sensors. I would like to “push” those data to Grafana Cloud without having to open a port on the router.
I am not sure on how to set this up. I would appreciate some direction.


There should be a connection between your platform and the Grafana Cloud to get the metrics → Must open a port.

For security reason, you can lookup ok using a proxy on DMZ if you are in an entreprise network.

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Thanks for you reply.
I have setup one connection between a Raspberry and Grafana Cloud opening a port. It is working fine. My concern is about the open port of course.

On another Raspberry I did install the Linux integration which is pushing the metrics directly to Grafana. In this case I did not have to open any port.

I wonder if I can use something similar the second case above describer to send my own metrics to a dashboard.

You mean a local instance of Grafana not the Cloud version right ?

I mean Grafana cloud.

@massaro when you say “Linux integration” I guess you mean the Prometheus agent, i.e. this: Agent | Grafana Labs. I think you should indeed be able to install that on multiple devices, and collect metrics from each, without needing to set up any port forwarding to your local network. Did you maybe give that a shot?

And indeed, I would not recommend port forwarding in order to give access to a local Influx database as a long-term solution. Besides being difficult to secure, you’re generally better off having all your devices push data to a centralized cloud database (e.g. Prometheus), rather than trying to connect your Grafana instance to multiple databases hosted by each device.

Disclaimer: I’m not a Grafana Cloud or Prometheus user.

Just to add to Svet’s reply, you can also put your Influx DB on a free version of Amazon EC2 (one of their many cloud products). By doing that, the data is then “off site” and you can set up Grafana Cloud to connect to the EC2 instance.

So the general approach is:
Various Data Sensors (on local network) → Influx DB on EC2 <— Grafana Cloud

Note that the Influx DB is not “pushing” any data. It’s being stored there. Grafana Cloud would be configured with the Influx DB as the datasource.

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