How to push InfluxDB metrics from Raspberry to Grafana Cloud

I have influxDB collecting data on my Raspberry and also Grafana locally working on the same device showing the data in a dashboard.
I am unsuccessfully attempted to connect my Pi to Grafana Cloud to show those metrics on a dashboard. I am not sure where I am failing.

So far I have done the following:

  • Installed the Linux Debian Armv7 integration from Grafana Cloud.
  • Installed the agent on my Pi4 as per instructions from here
  • Created a new dashboard on Grafana Cloud. However the influxDB/metrics on my pi are not showing up.
    I am sure I have not completed all the steps.
    Can someone please point me to a tutorial to get this working or describe me the steps to follow?
    Thanks for helping

I am currently having the same exact problem, but with Prometheus instead of InfluxDB. It would be great if someone could help us out!

I found and tested the solution. Actually is much simpler that expected.
Simply install the influx or Prometheus plugin on Grafana Cloud. You shall point the HTTP URL to the public IP where the DB is installed.
In my case, since the device hosting the DB is on my LAN, I had to forward a WAN port pointing the :8086

For example, let us assume the following:

  • Your programmable device works on port 22 and has the IP
  • Your public IP is

Then you can go into your router’s setting and forward a WAN port (for eg, 8022 ) to .

Now, you can remotely access the device from anywhere through the internet by accessing instead of in your IDE.

Keep in mind that unless you have a static IP, your public IP can change at any time, in which case you should check out dynamic DNS services.

NOTE : unless your device has some method of authentication, someone with malicious intent will almost certainly find access to it on the open web. See below for safe alternative.

Make sure you select the correct database for your queries or just slide the default database slider when adding your database. Simple mistakes like that can make you loose sleep.