Linux integration for influx metrics

With the Grafana Agent and the Linux integration it is possible to visualise the system metrics of a Raspberry on the cloud without having to open any port on the network.
Thats very useful.
I am looking for some directions on how to achieve the same to visualise metrics I have in the influx db on the Raspberry. I am storing data relevant power measurements and I would like to visualise those metrics on Grafana Cloud without opening ports on the router.
I would appreciate some direction. I don’t know from where to start.

There is a datasource for Influxdb however setting up that direct connection between Grafana Cloud and the Influxdb will require allowing that traffic through any network firewalls.

If you would like to push the data with remote_write as the Grafana Agent does, check out this doc: InfluxDB metrics | Grafana Labs

This method would have you install Prometheus on the Pi and then use influxdb_exporter and Prometheus to send the data to Grafana Cloud.

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Thank you for this. I will try this method.

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Hi Melody,
I did start investigating on the Influxdb-exporter mentioned in the article you referenced in your answer.
I have not found any documentation on such module. I even asked on the Influx forum.
Do you have any information on the InfluxDB-Exporter?
Thank you

Ah I see, there is not much information available for the influxdb_exporter installation or configuration yet. From what I could find it does not seem to be a common use case. I’ll follow that Influx forum post and see what else I might be able to find though!

The only other option I can think of at the moment is to install and run Grafana open source locally on the same system if there are enough resources. That way you can still use the InfluxDB datasource without having to allow external public traffic.

Alrighty so couldn’t find too much more, and you’ve likely already seen these resources but just in case:

I hope these are useful until further documentation is available!