How to push metrics to Grafana Cloud instance?

I’m a first-time user of Grafana and Grafana Cloud.

My goal is to set up a dashboard in Grafana Cloud with data comes from our local Python app. For that I want to push the data via the the Prometheus URL, doing something like this:

def send_grafana_metrics():
    Send metrics to Grafana
    url = "https://<domain>"
    response =
        headers={"Content-Type": "text/plain"},
        data="test,bar_label=abc,source=grafana_cloud_docs metric=35.2",
        auth=(USERNAME, API_KEY),

I have the Prometheus URL, username and API key.

When I run the above, I get the error:

'decompress snappy: snappy: corrupt input\n'

What might I be doing wrong?

Welcome @kenny0de9

I push metrics to Prometheus hosted by Grafana Cloud using this URL:

with basis authentication (username, i.e. a 6-digit number and pwd)

More info here.

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You’re a life-saver! Just saw my first metric incoming!


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@grant2 how can I push string values to InfluxDB?

I’m sending the following payload to InfluxDB:

'conversation_created,conversation_uuid=7d4de639-0350-458d-bcae-262bdede2f0a,arranger_uuid=c9b00fd5-b8b0-45cb-b959-48c995672d55,traveler_uuid=None,company_name=Skylink conversation_uuid="7d4de639-0350-458d-bcae-262bdede2f0a"'

and I get back a 204, however the metric never shows up.