How to push Prometheus metrics in Grafana Cloud?

Hello all!
First of all, I would like to apologize if this question is trivial - or already answered many times - but I must confess that I am a bit lost…

I am developing an application that is able to send its own metrics or publish an endpoint ready to be scrapped by Prometheus. This works perfectly when pushing to a Pushgateway - so without agent.

Now I wish I had the same way of working with Grafana Cloud and sending those metrics there, again, without agent. I understand that an endpoint is available for this (https://<host> But no matter how I do it, it doesn’t work (HTTP 400 or 404).

Could you tell me if I can actually use this endpoint as if it is a pushgateway? If so, how can I do it? If not, what is the “recommended” way to send metrics?

Many thanks in advance for your help :pray:

Hi Pierre!

The recommended way of sending your metrics to a Grafana Cloud Prometheus endpoint is not through a push gateway but via remote_write from either a local Prometheus or using the Grafana Agent, via their config YAML file. Since you’ve already developed a way to scrape your application’s metrics to a (local) Prometheus then this is likely the easier path for you than the agent. You’ll add the remote_write to your local Prometheus’ yaml config as shown here: Prometheus | Grafana Labs

url = (confirm this in your Grafana Cloud Portal under Prometheus > Details as some accounts may vary in their URL path)
username = Prometheus instanceID (also found in your Grafana Cloud Portal under Prometheus > Details)
password = API key (generated from your Grafana Cloud portal under “API Keys”)

To access your Grafana Cloud portal, go to > “My Account” or “Login”. Hope this was helpful!

Hello @ximenaaliaguilla and thanks for your answer.

Unfortunately, the production version of my app will not be public - so no way to scrap from Grafana Cloud (it’s only working on my dev environment to test the prometheus rendering).

I had hopes of doing something that didn’t require a local prometheus, like if my app is its own agent and uses directly the remote write endpoint…

I’m trying to do the same: “send metric to grafana cloud using only curl”
did you succeed ?