Hosted Prometheus


I was wondering if there is a way to configure the “Hosted Prometheus” service to pull data from specific endpoints? This is something you can typically do with Prometheus.

I couldn’t find much documentation about Hosted Prometheus on Grafana Cloud, but it looks like there only is a push endpoint:

Is there any way to configure the Hosted Prometheus solution to pull data for me?

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Ok after reading the hosted-metrics part again, I can probably assume that I still need to run my own prometheus and configure a remote_write with the mentioned endpoint. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but this “Hosted Prometheus” isn’t really a prometheus replacement, but more like a prometheus mirror ?

well it’s a centralised prometheus with long term storage

Ok, so can I write to it with a standard Prometheus client?

Hello @torkel I’m also facing the same issue.
Just signed up for Grafana Cloud per Simon Frank’s recommendation (from Grafana’s team) but can’t find where to configure my metrics endpoints within the Hosted Prometheus.
I was my understanding that the Hosted Prometheus will pull from my /metrics endpoints, much the same as my local Prometheus server does already. I don’t plan on running a Prometheus server myself going forward, that was the point of signing up to a cloud service.




Hosted Promethus works like a remote write endpoint, so you configure your prometheus server to write to our hosted prometheus endpoint, that way your local prometheus server(s) can scrape your applications and send data to us.<remote_write>