How to allow my Grafana Cloud instance to connect to my data source (MySQL)


This probably has been asked before, but I wasn’t able to find the exact answer through multiple searches.

I’ve been using Grafana with Zabbix quite successfully before, but now that the free version is only usable in the cloud, I need to set it up again. However, my datasource ie. Zabbix’s mysql-database is behind a firewall or three and therefore I can’t make the connection without some tweaking.

What are my options?

  • Whitelisting the Grafana Cloud instance, which to my understanding has a constantly changing IP? If this, then what would be the IPs I need to whitelist? Hosted Metrics or something else? (
  • Nginx reverse proxy?


What do you mean by “now that the free version is only usable in the cloud”?


Hmm… Never mind.

I hit a weird problem some time ago on my local installation of Grafana which after some searching lead me to believe that the free plan of Grafana was nowadays only available as a cloud-based service.

I wasn’t able to look into the problem for a while, but after a reinstallation it seems to work fine locally as well. Can’t recall what the error was anymore unfortunately.

Hey @pekkasodervall, do you mind sharing where you got confused with some wording? We are always striving to improve our documentation and we definitely don’t want that confusion happening to anyone else.

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