Setting up Postgres data source in grafana cloud

We are currently using datadog, and I’m in the process of evaluating grafana. I created an instance in grafana cloud, and created a postgres DB in AWS RDS. Can someone please help me understand how the DB schema should be created? From all the grafana documentation I’ve come across, it appears that it should be created automagically, however in the case of grafana cloud, since the DB user is a read only user, I don’t see how it is even possible for grafana to create one.

Can someone please help?

Thank you.


Seems like you mixed the concepts of Grafanas internal database storage (that can be postgres) and the postgres data source which you can use to visualize data in Grafana.

In hosted grafana there’s already an internal database that you cannot change and you don’t need to care about any database schema.

So I’m guessing that you’re referring to configure a postgres data source to be used for visualizing data? Here you basically can have whatever schema as long as you can write a query that would return at least a timestamp and some numeric value.

If you want to use hosted grafana with a postgres DB in AWS RDS I’m guessing that the following post is interesting for you: MySQL datasource validation IP address range

For reference, see Using PostgreSQL in Grafana documentation

Good luck