Grafana Cloud and Postgres DB on Google cloud

Sorry for the silly question as I found it bit difficult to grasp from the documentations.
I am exploring Grafana and how it can fit the use case for my companies’ cloud based use-case.
I am planning to host a postgres database on Google cloud. I would like a Grafana Cloud dashboard which can connect to a Postgres DB which is hosted on Google Cloud.
Is this a feasible solution ?
Can this both be achieved with the free Grafana Cloud solution or do I need to upgrade to the paid package ?

Welcome to the forum.

I also thought of a similar question when I first signed up for (paid) Grafana Cloud. Our InfluxDB was / is on AWS EC2 (which is probably similar to Google Cloud). I struggled with setting up the AWS inbound and outbound security rules, VPC, etc. (AWS may seem easy to some, but was very complex for me). Anyway, took me a while but I finally did get a secure public IP address for our InfluxDB that allowed Grafana Cloud to access it.

I think you will have to do the same with your Postgres DB on Google Cloud. Do they give you a regular public IP address and port to use? If yes, then you should be able to use Grafana Cloud (paid or free) to access it.