Setting 'HTTP Method' for a provisioned influx data type

I have an influx data source set up using provisioning in /etc/grafana/provisioning/datasources/.

I can see in the grafana web interface that there is an option to set the “http Method” to either Post or Get, it seems to default as Get but I would like to change it to Post in my provisioned config file. I can’t find any documentation about how to do this, is it supported in a config file and how?

As an example here is how one of my data sources is set up:

apiVersion: 1
- name: my_influx_datasource
    grafana_user: grafanauser
    grafana_password: password
    type: influxdb
    user: grafana
    password: password
    database: important_data
    access: proxy

What extra setting can I add here to set the http Method?


Think I may have worked this out by looking at the code. Should simply be a case of adding in these lines to the above config:

    httpMode: POST

Looks like it’s just the docs that are lacking a bit

If you have a suggestion to improve the docs, please file a PR! We love external doc contributions.

Done - :slight_smile: