Creating DataSources through API

Hi, I have a problem with an old version of grafana (7.2.2).
When I try to create a datasource on my organization, sending the message:

    "name": "influxdbDS",
    "type": "influxdb",
    "url": "influxdb-service:8086",
    "access": "proxy",
    "isDefault": true,
    "editable": false,
    "user": "influxdb-viewer",
    "basicAuth": false,
    "database": "databasename",
    "jsonData": {
        "httpMode": "POST"
    "secureJsonData": {
        "password": "thepassword"

the datasource is created but the password and the http mode are not applied. What am I missing?

Another anomalous thing is that I receive in the reply incorrectly:
"isDefault": false,

Fixed, it was a problem with Python sending the message in the date field instead of the json field:

r ="/api/datasources",
            **json**={...} )