HTTP method, For security config


What is HTTP methods used by GRAFANA,

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Hi @TheUser,

I do not understand your query correctly. So Grafana is just a visualisation tool where you can configure different datasources e.g. MySQL, Prometheus, InfluxDB, Loki etc. to get data.

During the configuration of these datasources, there is an option as by which method you want to get the data e.g. via POST or GET.

If your data is small then the default choice is GET as otherwise can use the POST method.

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ON Web Gui which methods are usefull, i want to use conditions nginx as below :

    if ( $request_method !~ ^(GET|POST)$ )
            return 405;

Hi @TheUser,

So the best answer here is to check our documentation about HTTP API by which you can see what various METHODS are used by different components in Grafana.

Then you can define your Nginx configuration accordingly to your required surrounding environment.

With thoses methods, seems to be enough :

The OPTIONS methods not seems to be usefull for web interface edition.

If needed, it was tested OK, after any tests

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