Grafana 6.3.2 datasource Graphite error 405 Method not allowed

Hello all,

I am running Grafana 5.2.3 in production with no issues accessing a Graphite datasource.

Now I am trying to use Grafana 6.3.2 with the exact same setup and I am not able to query any metrics from the Graphite datasource.

I found out when I simply creating a new dashboard with a new panel and using the query page,
5.2.3 is doing a “get” method using url:“api/datasources/proxy/109/metrics/find”
6.3.2 us doing a “post” method using url:“api/datasources/proxy/1/metrics/find”.
This seems to create the 405 “method not allowed” error.
Any idea how to get back to the old behavior?
Thanks for the help.

what version of Graphite are you using?

At the moment it is still 0.9.

Is this config setting still available?

If yes, which configuration setting is this?

I believe I found the “culprit” in a change in 6.3.0:

I did install 6.2.5 and it is running fine.
Can I suggest to put an option into a newer version to chose between POST and GET for Graphite (again)?

Hello Torkel,
any idea if this “POST”/“GET” option suggestion will be implemented soon?