Set variable automatically by the value of other variable

I would like to have a variable named “Environment” which can have US/EU/Testing values and based on that selection I will automatically popluate other variables like region or cw_datasource or prometheus_datasource.

If I choose US as my Environment variable the region will be set (with no need for user interaction) as us-east-2, cw_datasource to foo1 and prometheus_datasource to foo2.

The goal here is to do some abstraction over the right variables needed per env in order to display the right data in the dashboard.

I tried doin this using chained variables, but I need something more like "if Environment=US than region=us-east2…

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I ended up creating a link for each set of variables I needed.
E.g - I created a link named Testing and it refers to the same dashboard with variables already set to the right values per that env.